TC 10k Pre-Race Nutrition

Beautiful young woman eating cereals and fruit

The TC 10k is just around the corner, and Orangetheory Fitness Victoria wants all of our OTF’ers, and everyone else tackling a road race this summer, to be ready to roll! Coming into a race it is very important to be both mentally and physically prepared. We’ve seen the heart, sweat, and tears you’ve all been putting in at the studio and we are more than confident that everyone will run a PB (runner lingo for personal best).

Beautiful young woman eating cereals and fruit

One critical concept runners often overlook before their first race is scheduling their meals. Figuring out how to properly time your pre-race meal is finicky at best. Yet, your nutritional intake could mean the difference between hitting the wall, and running through it.

With this in mind, just like you have a race plan, you should also have a race day meal plan. Considering the starting gun of the Victoria TC 10k goes off bright and early we would advise all participants to set their alarm clocks a few hours prior to start time to get up and eat. Although the sun may just be rising, and your stomach may not be too inclined to stuff a protein bar down your throat, we cannot reiterate the importance of properly fueling your body before a workout or race. Having this meal at least 2-3 hours before start time should reduce the risk of digestive troubles and unpleasant repeat visits to the porta-potty.

Although there are many philosophies on what makes the perfect pre-race meal it is important to note that everyone and every body is different. Some people can stomach eggs and bacon, where others can only choke down half a banana and a protein shake. Our recommendation is to stick with what you know, do not try anything new, and schedule your pre-race meal wisely. It may also be a good idea to skip the Starbucks Venti, extra whipped, two pumps of vanilla beverage until after your race.

For curiosity sake we have included some go-to pre-race meals ideas. Some we would recommend, others… not so much.

Shalane Flanagan: (Olympian and American 10,000m record holder) enjoys fruit and nut topped oatmeal, a small coffee, and a Gatorade as her pre-race breakfast.

UVic Vikes Varsity Track Team: (Distance runners competing for the University of Victoria) will often eat half a bagel with nut butter and honey, a banana, and water before an early morning race.

Usain Bolt: (Olympian and World Record Holder in the 100m and 200m) has confirmed the rumors that he ate McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets before his Olympic Win. *This is not an OTF endorsed pre-race meal plan.

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